Registreer .frl

Why .frl



For Frisians

A name says a lot about who you are. Use a .frl domain name to show that you are Frisian and to address your Frisian audience. You will stand out in Friesland and the rest of the world.

Many available domain names

Many .frl domain names are available for registration, unlike .nl or .com. Register the domain name you want before someone else does!

Strong search position

Your Frisian domain name indicates where you can be found. Search engines will therefore rank you higher when people in Friesland search for you.

As a brand name

Use the name of your product or service as both a domain name and a brand name. For example, with you are the Frisian hairdresser or with you show that you rent boats in Friesland.

As a community

Share a .frl domain name. For example, is the place where all Frisian museums present themselves.

All punctuation marks

Use all the Frisian punctuation marks in your domain name too. So Fryslâ instead of!

Frisian fans

.frl is one of the best adventures we have had.
Henri de Jong Founder Mijndomein and FRLregistry
.frl is unique, distinctive and Frisian. The people of Fryslân acknowledge that and want to be part of it.
Sietske Poepjes Deputy of the Province of Fryslân
Our customers think it is super cool that we show our Frisian pride.
Marleen Rijpkema Project manager

Shall we switch over?

Do you already have a website? Then a .frl domain is also interesting. For example, because it makes you feel much more connected to Friesland. Or because your existing domain name was a compromise and the perfect domain name is still available within .frl. Switching to a .frl domain is not difficult, but it does require the right attention.

About us

Friesland is a unique place with a rich culture, its own language and a strong sense of community: our mienskip. .frl brings this identity to the worldwide web, for the 81,000 companies and 650,000 residents of Friesland and for the more than 2 million Frisians living elsewhere who are proud of their origins.